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Handling of orders prepared for collection directly at the point of sale (so-called Click & Collect) or Internet orders to be collected at the point of sale.



PickUpWall reduces order processing time by, eliminating staff direct involvement in the reception of the package by the customer, optimizing employment and/or conversion.



Thanks to contact-free operation, maximizes safety and comfort for the customer during the reception of the ordered package.


The solution is suitable for adaptation in most retail industries thanks to its modularity, allowing for adjusting the interior of the device to the size of shipments handled.

Ease of implementation

Integration with the customer's sales systems provides analysis of the use of the device as well as seamless service messages to the customer and his employees.


Ease of implementation and low cost per unit is competitive in comparison with tailor-made systems, which makes it available to a wide range of retail partners.


PickUpWall is a solution for pick up of ecommerce orders in brick & mortar stores.


Eliminate the unproductive use of store staff by excluding their intermediation in the package collection process.

Wydatne skrócenie

Efficient shortening of queues due to substantial pickup time reduction.

Zwiększenie bezpieczeństwa

Increasing customer and store staff safety, especially in the event of an epidemiological threat, by disabling direct contact.

Zwolnienie przestrzeni

Freeing up storage space at the back of the point of sale.

Retailo. Order processing system.


A spectacular, modular cabinet with boxes for automatic collection of ecommerce customer orders.

Ease of use

Clear LCD screen, code reader QR for easy and contact-free pickup of the package.

Orders 360°

Complete system of consumer orders processing, handling the placement and receipt of the order, collection of order data, communication with the consumer via e-mail.

Integration, installation, support

Retailo. offers a number of additional services, necessary for effective cooperation

1 | Integration

We guarantee flexibility in integration – both in the way of communication and in the scope of transmitted data.

2 | GDPR

We guarantee compliance
with the rules of personal data processing.

3 | Installation

Installation and configuration of the system with the customer, making sure that the scope is adequate to expectations.

4 | Support

Customer-specific support through dedicated service packages.

1 | Integracja

Gwarantujemy elastyczność w integracji – w sposobie komunikacji, jak i zakresie przesyłanych danych.

2 | RODO

Zagwarantujemy zgodność
z zasadami przetwarzania danych osobowych.

3 | Instalacja

Instalacja i konfiguracja systemu z klientem, upewnienie się czy zakres jest adekwatny do oczekiwań.

4 | Wsparcie

Budowa sprzętu i rozwój systemu ma zapewnić jego trwałość i stabilność. Wsparcie dopasowane do potrzeb klienta poprzez dedykowane pakiety serwisowe.

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